How Can I Deal With The Insurance Company?

Filing a Claim in Hartford

An individual injured in an accident should seek medical help as the first step. After making a statement to your own insurance company, do not speak to anyone else about the accident except for a lawyer. McCoy & McCoy have a vast amount of experience in the legal aspects of personal injury cases and in dealing with insurance claims. It is important to have legal representation during each step of the claims process to ensure the protection of your best interests and the right to receive compensation for physical, mental and emotional injuries and suffering. For information and legal assistance for injuries received in an accident, contact a lawyer with the knowledge necessary to provide effective and competent legal representation needed in a personal injury case. Our attorneys are ready to help clients with all of their legal needs from an injury accident including insurance claims.

Compensation and Insurance Companies

The circumstances of an accident and the severity of injuries can determine the amount of monetary compensation to the victim. There are various types of insurance coverage such as workers' compensation for job-related accidents. Auto insurance pays for property damage and medical expenses of the injured in traffic collisions. Other types of insurance are to cover slip & fall accidents, injuries from the use of dangerous or defective products, medical malpractice nursing home abuse, and dog bites & attacks. Insurance companies are in business and they want to make a profit. Typically, they redirect blame, downplay injuries, withhold available insurance compensation and attempt to settle quickly for as little as possible.

Insurance adjusters can be very intimidating to injury victims and the insurance claim process can be confusing. Legal representation by an aggressive personal injury lawyer can make the difference in the outcome of a claim and the amount of compensation received for injuries and suffering. A settlement offer from an insurance company may be a smaller amount than the actual worth of an injury claim. McCoy & McCoy help many clients with their injury claims and with insurance companies. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a skilled personal injury lawyer.Contact a Hartford personal injury attorney for legal assistance with an insurance claim and dealing with the insurance company following a personal injury accident.